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How to Remove Dark Circles Naturally in 2 Weeks - Best Tips and Tricks

Some of the most common reasons for dark circles around the eyes include stress, a sedentary lifestyle, and environmental factors like dust and pollution. Hereditary factors, age, dry skin, prolonged grieving, computer work, mental or physical stress, lack of sleep, and an unhealthy diet are all significant contributors to under-eye dark circles. Women and men of all ages might have dark circles. 

The question is, how to remove dark circles quickly and permanently? 

First and foremost, no miracle drug can eliminate dark circles in a week. However, with the help of various cosmetics and natural cures, you can significantly lessen the appearance of dark circles over time. You must change your lifestyle and daily diet to remove dark circles permanently. 

A quick overview would be that the cause of dark circles has been thoroughly discussed in 
  • Skin thinning due to aging 
  • Sleeplessness and weariness 
  • Some medications have side effects. 
  • Iron deficiency causes anemia. 
  • Fatigue (oversleeping or under sleeping) 
  • Sun overexposure 
  • Dehydration 

How to remove dark circles naturally 

There are several ways to get rid of dark circles around your eyes. Let’s see how these natural remedies for dark circles work. 
  • Changing your sleeping patterns may help you seem refreshed in the morning by reducing puffiness, a temporary source of dark circles.  
  • Make sure your head is supported by a pillow or two when you sleep on your back. Gravity allows accumulated liquids to flow away. 
  • Get enough sleep (at least eight hours a night, per medical recommendation) to maintain a youthful appearance and avoid the appearance of facial wrinkles and fine lines. Better sleep reduces stress, which in turn reduces swelling. 
  • You need to get your allergies under control if you want to avoid the puffiness that comes with them. If you are allergic to anything in the air, such as pollen or smoke, make sure you take the appropriate prescription. If you suffer from dust allergies,  
  • keep your bedroom as dust-free as possible by installing dust covers on your mattress and pillows and removing or covering up any upholstered furniture, clothing, books, and documents. 
  • It's essential to wash your face and remove any traces of makeup, including eyeliner and mascara, before going to bed. The eyes might become moist and swollen in response to any irritant. 
  • Eye puffiness caused by sinus infections or hay fever may be alleviated using a Neti-Pot to flush the nasal passages. 
  • Puffy eyes and cheeks may be reduced with regular exercise, which also improves overall blood circulation. Keep your mind on yoga, which may improve your breathing and result in glowing skin. 
  • If you wake up with puffy eyes and blue veins, try using a product that reduces swelling and conceals blood vessels by cooling the skin and the capillaries behind it.  
  • Apply slices of cucumber or potato, cold spoons, or ice water bags to the eye region for up to an hour and a half. 
  • Eat plenty of healthy foods like leafy greens, fruit, and juice to keep your body healthy and strong. Bananas, mangoes, and oranges are in season now, so include them in your diet with leafy greens, carrots, brinjals, and other root vegetables (eggplant). 
  • Eat many iron-rich foods and supplements such as whole grains, beans, eggs, and iron pills. It’s the best natural remedy for dark circles. 
  • To minimize fluid retention, try cutting down on salt intake. 
  • Create a routine that will help you relax and enjoy life more. The stress hormone cortisol causes blood vessels to dilate and puff out, among other unfavorable side effects. 
  • Keep yourself moisturized; dry skin is a sign of being undernourished. Put on some lotion. Cut down on booze and smokes. 
  • Protecting your eyes and face from the sun can help you appear years younger for much longer. The sun's UV rays easily damage proteins in the skin. Wear protective gear like sunscreen and a hat whenever you go outside. 

How to deal with dark circles - Tips and Tricks

Tip #1

Put two spoons made of metal into a bowl containing ice and water. Allow them to sit in the water for 15 minutes. Dot the spoons around your eye sockets.  

Keep them here for a while. The body's blood arteries and blood flow constrict at cold temperatures. Which aids in reducing puffiness and removing dark circles under the eyes. Move the spoons in a circular motion around each eye to begin.  

It will be long until the spoons are thawed out of the freezer. As a bonus, it will also help diminish any puffiness you may be experiencing around your eyes. 

Tip # 2

A simple solution for under-eye dark circle treatment is brewed green tea bags. Put the tea bags on your eyelids for a few minutes to relax and rejuvenate. Just chill down and let the magic happen.  

The green tea antioxidant catechins are akin to a "Catherine" for loose skin around the eyes. Tannins, a naturally occurring tea ingredient, will help increase blood flow. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects have been found in several tea bags. 

Tip # 3

Add meals high in water content to your diet. That improves blood flow and is rich in minerals. Fruits and vegetables include cucumbers, watermelons, blueberries, beets, and tomatoes. 

Complement it with a night of restful sleep. The change will be noticeable to you. You may not have known this, but the skin surrounding your eyes is some of the most delicate in your body.  

Tip # 4

Let's put a halt to the gloominess right now. You apply a little sunscreen every morning by patting it lightly beneath your eyes. The skin pigmentation around the eyes might darken from sun exposure worsening the under-eye darkness.  

Because of this, the daily use of sunscreen is crucial. Additionally, remember to reapply it every day. The quick solution to covering up under-eye dark circle treatment is to use concealer. Use a little concealer and lightly dab it over the dark circles, then smooth it out. 

Tip # 5

Using coconut oil or almond oil, massaged gently into the skin around the eyes for five minutes before bed, has improved eye puffiness and removes dark circles.

Last but not least

The finest, super excellent trick to remove dark circles is to drink a lot of water upon waking up and hold it in your mouth as you would gargle. Now, throw open your eyes wide and spray water nonstop for 2 minutes; then, continue gargling and splashing water for another minute, and you're done! 

In conclusion 

Dark circles make you seem older and more exhausted. Medication, excessive scratching and rubbing of the eyes, liver abnormalities, and other causes may also contribute to the appearance of dark circles beneath the eyes. Sleeping on your stomach, consuming alcohol, and smoking all contribute to under-eye darkness. 

Dark circles need intense treatment because of their tenacity, and results might vary from person to person. Cold milk may help remove dark circles and provide soothing relief for tired eyes and skin if used regularly.

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