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Sheet Mask Price in Pakistan

Sheet Mask | Glowing Skin Mask | Face Mask

What is a Sheet Mask?

After a long tiring day we all deserve some pampering and same goes for our skin. After a long day of dealing with harsh weather and pollution throughout the day our skin pores deserve some pampering. For that we all need a proper skin care routine for which by the way you should also check out our skin concern products.

After exfoliation you definitely need to provide your skin with some essential serums and what's better than a sheet mask? Sheet masks are the face shaped sheets in fabric coated with nutritious serum. Sheet masks are the quickest skin treatment. Now you dont need to wait more for this essential care when you have the best offerings for sheet mask price in Pakistan.

What Does Our Sheet Mask Contain?

Our sheet masks are completely soaked in concentrated serum. This serum has many skin beneficial ingredients such as chamomile and hazel extract to calm the acne on the skin like our Leaders Ex solution Mild Cotton Mask -AC-Calming. Our masks also contain Mulberry root extract for brightening skin and making it have a natural blush, pomegranate extract to give a glow to the skin like in our leaders Ex solution Mild Cotton Mask - Bright Toning.

We also have Barulab 7 in 1 Total Solution Black Clay Mask. which is a foaming mask containing charcoal to control sebum that helps in cleaning pores. Also has multiple skin cleansing and repairing ingredients. The serum is water based as all the ingredients are diffuse in water. As water is one element that penetrates deep into the pores of our skin. So if you are looking for glowing skin mask; visit our catalog before taking any final choice and check out our sheet mask price in Pakistan for the best pick.

What is the Effect of Our Sheet Masks?

Our sheet masks give you a spa like luxurious feeling at home, they have various vitamins and minerals which provide the perfect amount of hydration to the face. That make the skin of your face soft like silk. Our face masks are free from artificial coloring and silicone to avoid allergic reactions. We have carefully selected all the natural ingredients to make these sheet masks to get rid of excessive tanning, bring out the glow and makes your skin healthier than it ever was.

Easy Shopping with Us

Hey girls you dont need to wander around here and there when you have the best portal for sheet mask to buy online. Visit us and see sheet mask price in Pakistan, we are confidently saying that no one gonna offer you such prices in Pakistan. So just come to us and enjoy easy online shopping. We have user friendly interface to go through and making selections online.