Cosmedica Vitamin C Super Serum

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Brighten and help boost collagen production with proven anti-oxidant protection of triple Vitamin C + E and Hylasyn, a proprietary blend of low and medium weight Hyaluronic Acid. 

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  • Cosmedica Vitamin C Serum contains Vitamin C and it is specially designed to help boost collagen production. This product will make your skin bright, get rid of wrinkles, and it works well as an anti-aging remedy.

    Why It is Special:
    This nutrient-rich serum is carefully designed with rich anti-oxidant ingredients such as Vitamin E, Ferulic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, and 20% Vitamin C. This product will not only reduce uneven skin tone but also repair tired skin, balance skin tone, reduce skin dullness and leave your skin moisturized.


    • It helps protect your skin against sun damage.
    • The product will help brighten your skin tone by getting rid of damaged and dark patches.
    • The collagen stimulates cellular turnover and will leave a younger looking skin.
    • This serum is suitable for all types of skin.

    Disclaimer: Information, proclamations, and surveys with respect to items have not been assessed by the Food and Drug Administration. Results may vary for individuals and there is no assurance of specific outcome. THE SKINFIT holds no responsibility for any misstatement.

  • 1- Cleanse and tone your facial skin before using the product.
    2- After that apply approximately 2 to 3 drops of the serum on your face.
    3- To absorb the product gently pat it on your face.
    4- It should leave the skin nourished and moisturized after just a few applications.
    5- For best results use it in the morning and at night before going to sleep.

    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • For external use only.
    • Do not use on damaged or broken skin.
    • Discontinue if you feel itchy or rash occurs on the skin. 
    • Avoid direct contact with eyes. If it happens, rinse immediately and thoroughly. 
    • Do not swallow. If swallowed, seek medical help.

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