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Etude House 0.2 Therapy Air Mask Tea tree

Rs. 399

The Tea Tree Air Mask is a moist water type essence sheet mask.

It is absorbed into the skin lightly and freshly. Tea Tree gives a fresh effect instantly while calming and purifying the skin.  

  • Skin Clearing
  • Calm the skin
  • Fresh moisture


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  • Light and comfortable like the air! The hypo-allergenic sheet that is good for sensitive skin type. “One mask a day” Every night, putting a mask sheet at then end of the skincare routine is usual in Korea. It is called “One mask a day” that is good for calming and moisturizing the skin.

    The daily hypo-allergenic mask which delivers 7-free essence to the skin directly through the 0.2 mm. air sheet.

    • Bring the mask to the center of your face. Smooth onto cheeks with palms.
    • Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes.
    • Remove the mask sheet and pat gently to absorb the surplus serum.

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