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Hair Sheep Steam Pack

South Korea

Rs. 2,000

A one-step deep conditioning treatment for damaged, color-treated & frizzy hair.

This steam hair mask is effective for the deep conditioning of your hair damage and worn out by perm and dyeing.

Simply put on the hair treatment cap to enjoy shiny hair.

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  • Goat’s milk has known as having greater amount of protein than milk and hydrolyzed collagen make hair softer and steaming opens hair cuticles and increases protein absorption.
    It gives more intensive hair care. Ingredients: minerals 88.0%, Protein 3.1%, lipids 3.6%, Lactose 4.5% ashes 0.8%

  • 1. After shampooing, remove excess water and gather hair towards the top of the head. Open mask cap and position over the head, making sure to cover all hair.
    2. Tighten the mask around the head and use the attached sticker to secure the mask cap in place.
    3. Massage the highly concentrated nourishing treatment to ensure that it is evenly absorbed by the hair.
    4. Remove mask after 10-15 minutes and rinse hair with warm water.

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