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The Infinite Shield for Gut Health

A strong immune system begins with a healthy gut. MOIIVA™ is uniquely formulated with the premium Synbiotics, Vitamin C and Lutein to provide you and your family a stronger gut health, immunity and eye health.

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30 Sachets
    • Triple Action, Triple the Power

    The active ingredients in MOIIVA™ are carefully crafted based on our daily lifestyle. It is the complete health essential packed in ONE powerful sachet.
    • Improves Gut Microflora
    The probiotic and prebiotic in MOIIVA™ creates a sturdy ecosystem for the healthy bacteria in our gut which allows the body to absorb nutrients better.
    • Protects Eye Health
    Say goodbye to harmful rays. The Lutein and Vitamin C in MOIIVA™ acts as a protective shield to filter harmful blue light and also strengthens the eye tissues.
    • Enhances Digestion and Bowel Movement
    The prebiotics in MOIIVA™ works together to promote better bowel movement which relieves constipation and improve stool consistency.
    • Strengthens The Immune System
    80% of the immune system is in the gut, that is why it is essential to keep your gut healthy. MOIIVA™ helps strengthen your gut barrier function and defend it against invading microbes or pathogens.
    • Prevent Post-Antibiotic Gut Reaction
    Many patients who had antibiotics prescribed to them may face some side effects after the treatment. The synbiotics in MOIIVA™ help replenish the healthy bacteria and prevent the overgrowth of harmful bacteria in our gut.
    • 100% Pure-Strain Probiotic Protection
    The revolutionary AHC™ technology is powered to protect the biological integrity of probiotics in MOIIVA™, ensuring that every pure-strain of probiotics is preserved until the successful delivery into the gastronomical tract.

    Who Should Consume MOIIVA™? People who have...
    • Frequent Diarrhea

    • Constipation

    • Poor Appetite

    • Low Fiber Intake

    • Excessive Use Of Antibiotics

      Key Benefits

    • Improves Gut Microflora

    • Enhances Nutrient Absorption

    • Strengthens The Immune System

    • Promotes Digestion & Bowel Movement

    • Prevents Post-Antibiotic Gut Reaction

    • Protects Eye Health

    • 1-2 sachets a day
    • Consume the sachets directly after meals.
    • Do not take with hot foods and beverages.

    • Risk of a blood infection (bacteremia), sepsis, endocarditis
    • A weakened immune system such as cancer patients on chemotherapy, HIV, transplant
    • Severe malnutrition or incompetent gut barriers such as severe diarrhea and NEC
    • Prolonged hospitalization or recent surgeries

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