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Repair Shampoo 250 ml

Brand: Ecooking
Rs. 3,000

Ecooking’s new Repair Shampoo restores and nourishes dry hair. Repair Shampoo contains moisturising complex, which provides the hair strands with moisture for up to 72 hours. Hence, the shampoo makes your hair soft and smooth

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Furthermore, the shampoo is with colour complex as well as UVA and pollution protection that protect your hair and hair colour – both natural and coloured hair - against sun, water, air, and pollution among other things. Repair Shampoo has a fresh scent of flowers and green leaves. Vegan, dermatologically tested, and without SLS & SLES. Repair Shampoo contains e.g.: - Peptides that improve the hair structure making your hair appear thicker, fuller, and healthier. - Pentavitin, which provides your hair with lots of moisture and makes it soft. - Amino acids that moisturise, repair and strengthen your hair and hair colour both natural and colourtreated hair. - Capiguard, an active ingredient, which protects your hair and hair colour – both natural hair colour and colour-treated hair – against pollution and UVA rays among other things

Apply the shampoo in wet hair and massage it gently into your hair. Rinse your hair thoroughly. Repeat as needed. Finish with conditioner for optimal care and softness.

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