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Soap and Glory Scrub of your life 200ml

United Kingdom

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  • Super smoothing body buffer
  • Use this to smooth rough and dry skin
  • Softens skin
  • Improves skin texture
  • Scented with the ORIGINAL PINK fragrance

It’s thick, it’s foamy, it’s fantastically fresh, it’s satisfyingly stuffed with just the right ratio of scrubbing beads. Scented with our Original Pink™ fragrance.

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  • What it is:A super-smoothing body buffer.

    What it does:Use this buffer to smooth the body, from rough elbows and dry shins to the backs of your arms.

    Its alluring scent of Soap & Glory's signature Pink Fragrance combines fresh bergamot and mandarin, rose, jasmine, peach, strawberry, oakmoss, amber, woody notes, and warm vanilla musk, amber, and warm vanilla notes on the bottom.

  • Wet down in the shower, turn off the water, squeeze out a handful of and get a smooth on. Scrub and soap up until you’re satisfied, then rinse thoroughly.

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