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Superfit - Weight Loss Supplements (90 Sachets)


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SuperFIT™ is a complete 3 steps weight-loss plan that gets to the root of your weight problem so that you can stay in shape effortlessly! It helps your body to lose weight by naturally limiting food cravings, blocking extra calories, and eliminating excess water and toxins.

90sachets are for a 1-month course.
3 sachets daily.


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90 Sachets

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  • Your 24 Hours Carefree Weight Loss Program

    SuperFIT™ utilizes carefully selected ingredients to customise and create uniquely formulated solutions that gets to the root of your weight problem. Unlike conventional weight control products that typically blend uncalculated ingredients in hope of producing a blanket solution without taking into consideration the real underlying weight problem.

    Tastier Way To Lose Weight

    SuperFIT™ comes in highly concentrated yet easy-to-dissolve powder form. Each booster comes in a different flavour that makes losing weight tasty, fun and easier than ever!

    Satiety | Morning Booster

    Reduces Cravings & Hunger Pangs

    Constant snacking between meals is proven to be one of the major stumbling blocks to maintaining a healthy diet and desirable figure. SuperFIT-S™ (Morning Booster) is a breakthrough formula that reduces your snacking cravings and impulses, effectively minimizing any unnecessary calorie intake.

    • Control Compulsive Eating and Improve Emotional Health.
    • Increase Metabolism and Fat Burning

    Blocks | Noon Booster

    Blocks and Prevent Fats Absorption

    SuperFIT-B™(Noon Booster) contains active ingredients that help inhibit the breakdown of fats and carbohydrate molecules to prevent your body from absorbing them.

    • Minimise Calorie Intake and Reduce Fat Storage
    • Lower Blood Cholesterol and Prevent Cardiovascular

    Flush | Evening Booster

    Eliminate Excess Water and Toxins During Sleep

    Fluid retention is a deficiency in the drainage of lymphatic system and can affect many areas of the body, causing discomfort and temporary weight gain not only for women, but men as well.

    •  Reduce Water Retention and Detox  
    • Improve Your Mood and Reduce Cellulite

    Disclaimer: Information, proclamations, and surveys with respect to items have not been assessed by the Food and Drug Administration. Results may vary for individuals and there is no assurance of specific outcome. THE SKINFIT holds no responsibility for any misstatement.

  • Simply mix one sachet with half a glass of water or with your favorite beverages.

    • Satiety (Morning Booster)
    • Before or during breakfast.
    • Blocks (Noon Booster)
    • Before or during lunch.
    • Flush (Evening Booster)
    • Before or during dinner.
    We strongly advise that you take regular meals to avoid your body’s natural metabolism rate from decreasing as it detects plummeting
    caloric intake.

    • Do not refrigerate.
    • Store in cool and dry places,
    • avoid direct sunlight.
    • Keep out of the reach of children.
    • Suitable for all genders, ages 12
    • and above.

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