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Vaseline Lip Therapy Original With Petroleum Jelly 4.8g

Brand: Vaseline

Vaseline Lip Therapy Original With Petroleum Jelly 4.8g

Brand: Vaseline

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Packaged in a convenient lip balm stick, the therapy original stick contains Vitamin E which protects and soothes dry lips on the go.
Made with Vaseline Jelly, which provides long-lasting moisturization and lip care by locking in moisture.
Provides essential moisturization for dry lips, leaving them feeling softer and healthier-looking.
On-the-go lip balm stick, making it suitable for regular use.

Weight: 4.8gm


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About Vaseline Lip Therapy Original:
Vaseline Lip Therapy is your solution for long-lasting healthy and soft lips designed with a formula that hydrates, relieves, and protects several layers of skin.

What Makes Vaseline Lip Therapy Original Special:

Petroleum Jelly Nourishment:
It's the OG of lip care. This lip balm is packed with the goodness of petroleum jelly, creating a protective layer that locks in moisture, leaving your lips feeling soft and cared for.

Pocket-Sized Essential:
At a handy 4.8g size, this lip balm is your essential companion on the move. Toss it into your pocket or bag for quick and reliable lip hydration wherever you go.

Time-Tested Formula:
Vaseline Lip Therapy Original has been a trusted favorite for generations. Its time-tested formula provides tried-and-true relief for dry lips.

Smooth Application:
Glide it on effortlessly! This lip balm has a smooth application, ensuring your lips feel nourished without any sticky or greasy sensation.

Versatile Daily Use:
Make it a part of your daily routine. Apply it as needed, especially during cold or windy weather, for a dose of classic lip care.

Experience the Timeless Comfort:
Embrace the timeless comfort of Vaseline Lip Therapy Original as it blankets your lips in the nurturing care of petroleum jelly. Enjoy the simplicity and effectiveness of a classic lip balm that stands the test of time.

Additional Details:

Size: 4.8gm


What does Vaseline Lip Therapy Original do?
- It provides classic, reliable moisture and protection for your lips.

Is it suitable for everyone?
- It's a lip companion for all.

How often can I use it?
- Use it as often as your lips crave some care, especially during dry or chilly days.

Can I wear it under lipstick?
- Yes, it's an excellent base for your favorite lip colors.

Does it have a fragrance?
- Vaseline Lip Therapy Original has a subtle, clean scent—classic and timeless.

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