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First Aid Beauty

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer 50ml
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First Aid Beauty

KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub with 10% AHA 226ml
Rs. 8,500 Rs. 10,000
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First Aid Beauty

First Aid Beauty Pores be gone Matte Primer 9.6g
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First Aid Beauty

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream 28.3g
Rs. 2,500
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First Aid Beauty

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream 170g
Rs. 7,500

Get the Glowing Look You Desire in Pakistan with First Aid Beauty Products 

First Aid Beauty makes skincare fun and beauty as easy as 1-2-3! Explore our high-quality products that will make your skin dance. Learn about First Aid Beauty and why it's popular in Pakistan. 

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream: Skin Superhero! 

Welcome to Ultra Repair Cream, your skin's best friend. A refreshing drink for your face, it contains colloidal oats, shea butter, and ceramides. Dry skin? Not our watch! 

Why You'll Love It: 
  • Deep hydration magic. 
  • No greasy feeling. 
  • Goodbye, redness and irritation. 
  • Perfect for every skin type, even the sensitive ones. 

First Aid Beauty Face Wash: Your Skin's Wake-Up Call! 

Meet your skin's new BFF – the Face Wash! It's like a morning hug for your face, gently whisking away the day's dirt without robbing your skin of its moisture. Fresh and clean? Absolutely! 

Why You'll Love It: 
  • Cleans without being mean. 
  • Makeup, dirt, and oil? Gone! 
  • Nourishing and hydrating – the dream combo. 
  • For every type of skin, we've got you covered. 

First Aid Beauty Eye Cream: Your Eyes' Happy Hour! 

Tired eyes meet your match – the Eye Cream! It's like a mini spa day for your peepers. Dark circles and puffiness? Not invited to this party! 

Why You'll Love It: 
  • Brightens and hydrates like a magic wand. 
  • Fine lines? Nope, not here! 
  • Puffiness and dark circles? See you! 
  • Light as a feather and quick as a wink. 

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Primer: Your Makeup's Best Friend! 

Get ready to shine – literally! The Ultra Repair Primer is not just a primer; it's a magic potion for your makeup. Flawless skin? Coming right up! 

Why You'll Love It: 
  • Smooths and blurs like nobody's business. 
  • Makeup's BFF – it'll stay longer! 
  • Hydrates and nourishes because your skin deserves it. 
  • Light as air – you won't even know it's there. 

First Aid Beauty Deep Cleanser: Dive Deep into Clean Skin! 

Ready for a skin refresh? The Deep Cleanser is here for it! It's like a little spa day at your sink, saying goodbye to impurities and hello to a happy face. 

Why You'll Love It: 
  • He cleans deep but doesn't play rough. 
  • Bye-bye, excess oil, and ickiness. 
  • Keeps the good stuff intact – your skin's moisture. 
  • Perfect for combo and oily skin types. 

First Aid Beauty Hand Cream: Love for Your Hardworking Hands! 

Your hands deserve a treat, and the Hand Cream is the dessert! Packed with shea butter and oatmeal goodness, it's like a cozy blanket for your hands. 

Why You'll Love It: 
  • Nourishes and hydrates those hardworking hands. 
  • It's not greasy, just silky smooth. 
  • Calms down irritation – because hands go through a lot! 
  • Use it daily because your hands deserve a spa day, too. 

First Aid Beauty AHA Body Scrub: Get Ready to Shine, All Over! 

Time to glow up – literally! The AHA Body Scrub is your secret weapon for silky smooth skin. Get ready to unveil the glow hiding under those dead skin cells! 

Why You'll Love It: 
  • Gently exfoliate for that smooth skin feel. 
  • Boosts your skin's radiance – shine bright! 
  • Prepares your skin for more goodness to come. 
  • It's a treat for every skin type out there. 

First Aid Beauty Serum: Boost Your Skin's Confidence! 

Give your skin the pep talk it deserves with the Serum! It's like a boost of confidence for your face, targeting specific concerns and leaving you with that radiant glow. 

Why You'll Love It: 
  • Targets what needs targeting – bye-bye concerns! 
  • Evens out your skin tone and texture. 
  • Light as a feather, quick as a breeze. 
  • Perfect for daily use – because your skin deserves a daily boost. 

Best First Aid Beauty Products: Your Skincare Squad! 

Meet our all-star lineup – the best of the best! These products are like the Avengers of skincare, each with its superpower to make your beauty routine a breeze. 

First Aid Beauty Scrub: Because Your Skin Deserves a Treat! 

Treat your skin to a bit of TLC with the Scrub! It's like a gentle massage that reveals your skin's natural glow. Say hello to smoother, happier skin! 

Why You'll Love It: 
  • Gentle exfoliation for all skin types. 
  • Bye-bye dullness, hello brightness! 
  • Sets the stage for more skincare goodness. 
  • Refreshing and invigorating – just what your skin needs. 

First Aid Beauty Cleanser: Clean Beauty, Every Day! 

Make clean beauty a daily habit with the Cleanser! It's like a refreshing splash of goodness for your face – clean, nourished, and ready to take on the day. 

Why You'll Love It: 
  • Sulfate-free – because clean is the way to go. 
  • Cleans without overdoing it. 
  • Nourishes and hydrates – happy skin, happy you. 
  • Perfect for sensitive skin – because we care. 

First Aid Beauty Pakistan: Elevate Your Skincare Game! 

First Aid Beauty is revolutionizing Pakistani skincare! Our products are tailored to Pakistani beauty. Start glowing, Pakistan—First Aid Beauty is redefining beauty norms! 

Ready for the glow? Explore First Aid Beauty and let your skin speak. Give yourself the best skincare by shopping now!