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SugarBearHair Vitamins
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The Ordinary

The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density
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No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner 250ml
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One Step Hot Air Brush Dryer & Styler
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No 3 Hair Repair Perfector
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No 0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment
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No.7 Bonding Oil
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Hair Care Online in Pakistan at Best Prices

Hair Care Products and Hair Treatment Online in Pakistan is a place where you can find solutions to all hair problems. We want you to treat yourself like the queen that you are. After a successful range of skin care products; for hair care online we have made “hair care products” our priority too. Aren’t you tired of fake promises and no results already? And we are definitely sure you loved the new hair look of your favorite celebrity. Are we right? And you cannot try it yourself because you somewhere dread the idea of trying that crazy look on yourself, due to the obvious fear of destroying your hair. Well now you can enjoy all the crazy looks and still provide essential care to your dear hair.
Be it thin hair, split ends, frizzy hair or weak hair we got your back ladies! We know how much you love your hair and so do we. That’s why we decided to bring some amazing hair care online remedies and treatments right at your fingertips. Hair care online portion of our website is divided into three main sub categories to make your search for your hair care routine soulmate easier.

Daily Care Treatment

In this category you’ll find remarkable lotions and oils to make your hair shine like a diamond. The silky soft hair that you always wanted is now just one click away from you at our hair care online catalog. We have an amazing range of products that can be used for all kinds of hair. For example we have Missha Procure Daily repair hair lotion that comes in a 200 ml container in very affordable prices, it provides you with silky soft hair without making them look greasy at all.

It provides the nourishment your scalp desires. Also our collection has this amazing 100% cold pressed virgin marula oil by The Ordinary that will provide your hair with essential fatty acids, vitamins, anti oxidants for your hair. It will give life to dull and rough hair suffering from split ends in lowest prices in Pakistan.

Hair Silky

We also know the value of healthy and shiny hair. Everyone including me dreams of shiny, smooth and healthy hair and have struggled throughout our lives to find a perfect product to fulfill our desire for amazing hair that flows like wind. To achieve that type of amazing hair we offer, The Ordinance Plant derived squalane in a 30 ml bottles which is a natural hydrator that provides you with complete heat protection, proves to be the best substitute for heat protection sprays.

This is completely environment friendly and ecofriendly solution in the best prices. Along with that we have Missha Procure silky hair coated essences that fight against harmful UV Rays, gives silky smoothness and prevents split ends in reasonable rates. Here we positively inviting you at our hair care online showcase to see price ranges that are very affordable.

Extra Volume

Our collection also includes Missha extra volume hair serum comes in a 100 ml container in Rs. 1500 and The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density in Rs. 4100 which prevents hair loss and make cuticles stronger which results in regenerative properties and encourages the regrowth of new hair, making them healthier than they ever were. Our hair care online products will give you a well nourished scalp that will make hair stronger from roots to shoot, promoting hair growth.

Look! You don’t need to wander around for your essential beauty products, here we are; Our skin care products and hair care products will provide you confidence from head to toe. Just go with Hair flips!

Be Confident To Visit Us Online

We confidently inviting you to visit our catalog for making your best choice for the; we are the reliable importer of all genuine brands related to beauty products. Needs affirmation! see our hair care online products range and brands. We guarantee our customers to one’s visit us and then you will never go anywhere as we would be their perfect store with respect to all terms from products to pricing, from ordering to customer service and product delivery. Hence we are going to be the foremost choice for those looking hair care online!

The Inkey List in Pakistan - The Inkey List Skincare Products Online at

The Inkey List Retinol Serum | Moisturizers | Cleansers and Cleansing Balm | Collagen Booster Serum and Much More All Available at the Best Prices

In the present time, individuals have started becoming more skin conscious then they ever were. The reason is, our skin expresses what we are and our skin also has a very important link with how we feel. If you look good, you started feeling confident, you will lose your confidence and the self-esteem in you, if you have dry, chappy or acne on the skin. Before you speak, who you are, your skin should tell itself.
Proper skin care routine and using the right products is equally important, when wrong products are used on the skin they can cause cracks and infections. The Inkey List offers the beloved skin conscious individuals with a wide range of best skincare solutions, we offer Retinol Serums, the Bakuchiol moisturizer, Oat Cleansing Balm, Salicylic Acid Cleanser and much more for you. If you are curious that what you should use on the skin then there is nothing better for you than the Inkey List, for individuals who are looking for the best skin care solutions, it’s a perfect-match.

The Inkey List for a Perfect Skin

The Inkey List is something made for your skin to flaunt all the time, we know how your no makeup looks should be. The importance of feeling confident in your own skin should never be ignored, but only quality products can do the right task.

The Inkey List Skincare Benefits

The Inkey List products have all the benefits that you wouldn’t resist yourself from buying all what they offer, so let’s check what they are:

Budget Friendly

All the items that the Inkey List offers are very reasonable, the best results are guaranteed too. It is a budget-friendly skincare line that promises no harms to the skin while using the products.

Hero Ingredients for Flawless Skin

The Inkey List has a complete range of skin care products for you that you need to just glow up. It covers Hyaluronic Acid and Squalane to Retinol, the combination of all these have created a mind boggling trio which is called as the hero-ingredient.

Zero Harms to the Skin and Cruelty Free

Cruelty free products are being offered by them and besides that what makes them more amazing is that they have zero side effects. Using the products on a daily basis also have no side effects on the skin, it improves the skin health and makes it better every day. 

Hydrates and Balances the Skin

It has products that do not only hydrates and balance your skin but also protect it from minimizing the moisture loss, another amazing is that the products are best for all the skin types. No matter how oily or how dry your skin is, these staggering products can rock it. The products nourish the skin in a way that you can never think of, the ingredients and the prices have made these products a must try.

Focused Ingredients, Better Results

Each product that the Inkey List family has is based around a single ingredient which makes it easier to make sure that exactly what you're putting on your skin. It is easier for the individuals to know that what each product will do and besides this your skin is just going to love it. 

Enriched with Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a hero antioxidant, for wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dullness, and loss of elasticity, it works as magic. When it comes to the skin brightening, there is nothing best than Vitamin C, it also targets free-radical damage that your skin is often exposed to during the daylight hours. The products they offer are enriched with Vitamin C, so that they can treat your skin better. Bring glow to the skin, make it cracks free and smooth now with the power of Vitamin C.

How to Order from TheSkinfit?

Want to order the best skin care products of the Inkey List? Ordering is a hassle free process with us as we are just a single click away from you. Just place the order on website and also get free delivery over invoice PKR 6000. We deliver products right away and no extra penny is charged for this hassle free process, TheSkinFit has all the products that you need from the Inkey List, so grab your favorites now.

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