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Stay Matte Liquid Lip 733 Colour Plunge
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Get the Look You Desire with Innovative Cosmetics from Rimmel 

Welcome to Rimmel, where beauty and innovation meet! Discover immaculate beauty with our comprehensive selection of high-quality cosmetics products to boost your everyday look. Rimmel empowers people to express themselves through makeup, and our line enhances natural beauty simply. Explore the fantastic Rimmel products that are beauty classics globally. 

Discover Your Radiance with the Rimmel Foundation 

Discover Rimmel Foundation's beautiful complexion secret. More than makeup, our foundation boosts confidence. The latest technology in our foundation melts into your skin for a natural look that lasts all day. Conceal blemishes and level out your skin tone with our foundation for a radiant shine. Choose Rimmel Foundation for a flawless base for your makeup. 

The Perfect Pout Partner: Rimmel Lipstick 

A brush of Rimmel Lipstick gives you lush lips. Our wide selection of colors matches any mood and event, so you'll always find the right one. Its creamy texture goes on smoothly and provides rich pigmentation and a long-lasting finish. Rimmel Lipsticks are known for their color and hydration, leaving lips smooth and hydrated. 

Rimmel Mascara: Enchanting Eyes 

Rimmel Mascara is the lash game-changer for eye makeup. Our exclusive brush and formula lengthen, volumize, and define your lashes for a daylong stunning appearance. Rimmel Mascara gets you that bold, dramatic effect that makes your eyes the star of your makeup. 

Every Time, Rimmel Concealer Covers Perfectly 

Remove dark circles for glowing skin! Rimmel Concealer hides blemishes flawlessly and effortlessly. A natural finish without caking or creases is achieved with the lightweight formula. Our concealer is your go-to for perfect skin, whether you're going full-glam or no makeup. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder: Shine-Free Confidence 

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder eliminates midday shine. This fan-favorite powder creates an hour-long matte finish. Set your makeup effortlessly and regulate oil with the lightweight formula for a confident, shine-free look. For long-lasting, silky skin, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder is essential. 

Rimmel Cosmetics: Up Your Beauty Game 

Discover Rimmel Cosmetics' accuracy and inventiveness. From foundations to lip glosses, eyeliners to eyeshadow palettes, our cosmetics cover your entire beauty routine. Rimmel Cosmetics stands out for quality and diversity. Our makeup products are suitable for many skin tones and types so that everyone may express themselves via makeup. 

Daily beauty ritual: Rimmel Makeup 

Enjoy premium, high-performance makeup every day with Rimmel Makeup. For makeup lovers and minimalists, our selection has something for everyone. Rimmel Makeup is versatile and long-lasting, so you can quickly go from day to night with very little makeup. 

Rimmel Primer: Canvas Perfector 

Begin makeup with Rimmel Primer. The perfect canvas for cosmetics, our primers provide flawless and long-lasting application. Skin-loving elements in our primers prolong makeup wear and nurture and protect skin. Improve your beauty routine with Rimmel Primer's perfect base. 

Set-and-Forget Rimmel Face Powder 

Rimmel Face Powder sets your makeup. Our finely milled powders form makeup effortlessly and keep it matte all day. The lightweight composition keeps your makeup fresh and immaculate in meetings and on the dance floor. Rimmel Face Powder lets you set and forget makeup. 

Rimmel Eye Liner: Fine Details 

Rimmel Eye Liner defines eyes for a striking look. Our precision and richly pigmented eyeliners make it easy to draw the ideal line. Rimmel Eye Liner lets you express your style with subtle or dramatic enhancements. 

Rimmel Stay Matte: All-Day Confidence 

Rimmel Stay Matte gives all-day confidence. Our Stay Matte foundations and powders prevent shine for a long-lasting matte effect. For busy people who require makeup that lasts, Stay Matte is ideal—no more lunchtime touch-ups—just a matte, perfect complexion all day. 

Sunkissed Rimmel Bronzer 

Rimmel Bronzer gives you a year-round sunniest glow. Our bronzers give your skin a sun-kissed look. The finely milled mix blends effortlessly to let you construct and modify bronze levels. Use Rimmel Bronzer to look healthy and sun-kissed and enhance your beauty game. 

Rosy Cheeks, Radiant Glow Rimmel Blush 

Get color on your cheeks with Rimmel Blush. Our blushes are known for their smooth texture and bright pigmentation, giving you rosy cheeks and a glow. For a youthful and healthy complexion, Rimmel Blush is essential, whether you want a subtle or dramatic finish. 

Rimmel Eyeshadow Palette: Limitless Options 

Get creative with Rimmel Eyeshadow Palettes. Our palettes provide flexible tones for various eye styles. Rimmel Eyeshadow Palettes have neutrals and bright colors for every mood. The buttery-smooth consistency mixes easily, making it a makeup fan and pro favorite. 

Perfect Rimmel Lip Gloss 

Rimmel Lip Gloss is the definition of shiny lips. We make high-shine lip glosses without being sticky or heavy. The non-sticky product glides on smoothly for a lush lip. Rimmel Lip Gloss adds beauty to any look, alone or over your favorite lipstick. 

Rimmel Eye Pencil: Easy Definition 

Rimmel Eye Pencil is the easiest way to define your eyes. Creamy texture and deep pigmentation make our eye pencils easy to apply and smudge-proof. Rimmel Eye Pencil helps you determine your looks with classic or bold designs. 

Rimmel Highlighter: Brighten Features 

Rimmel Highlighter gives you a dazzling, contoured look. Specially milled pigments in our highlighters reflect and catch the light for a radiant shine. Rimmel Highlighter accentuates your natural beauty and adds glamour to your makeup routine when applied to your high points or blended all over. 

Finally, Rimmel celebrates uniqueness, diversity, and self-expression beyond makeup. We want you to embrace your unique beauty and proudly express yourself via makeup. Rimmel includes foundations, lip glosses, eyeliners, and eyeshadow palettes to create a great, personalized makeup look. Rimmel brings innovation, beauty, and confidence to your beauty routine. Allow Rimmel to enhance your beauty!