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Skin Concerns & Solutions in Pakistan from

Dry Skin | Oily Skin | Dark Circles | Wrinkles | Skin Problems & Solutions

The human body comprises of more than 79 organs and among them, do you know which the largest organ is in the human body? If you thought of skin then; yes you are absolutely right. Skin plays one of the most important role in human anatomy. It provides protection to the human body from climate, germs and many harmful things in the environment. If something provides massive care and protection to us, then it is our utmost duty to protect and care for our skin as well.

Women are very cautious about their skin concerns; keeping in view this essential thing we come up with the best solutions for skin concerns in Pakistan. We have more than 150 original brand skin care products so far for you to find perfect match for your skin’s health & care.

Our store is divided into 12 subcategories for best solutions depending on all kinds of skin problems. See the following skin concerns and their given solutions;

1. Oily Skin

Oily skin is actually not the one of unhealthy skin concerns but it does end up clogging your pores and leads to acne. Skin is healthiest when it’s neither too oily nor too dry. Pimples are usually caused when skin oil mixes with dead skin cells and clog those pores.  To get rid of excessive oil it is important to have a proper daily cleansing routine. 

2. Dry Skin

Skin becomes excessively dry when it loses too much water. Dry skin concerns mean that your skin lacks in normal sebum which can lead to sensitivity. This makes the skin look parched and leads to inability to retain moisture. This usually makes the skin feel tight or uncomfortable unless you use some good quality moisturizer. 

3. Combination Skin

Combination skin concerns are the type where the skin is partially oily and partially dry. There’s a mix of both the skin types, with the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) being slightly to very oily. While cheeks and under eye is more towards the drier side. 

4. Normal Skin

When your skin has a proper balance of moisture, clear pores and even skin tone then this means you have a normal skin type. Most people usually have a normal skin type hence the name. But the exposure to sunlight and pollution can lead these ratios to lose balance and that makes the skin irritable. To prevent, that it is important to maintain a healthy normal skin tone. To maintain your skin health it is important to follow a proper skin care routine.

5. Sensitive Skin

When your skin reacts to all the other elements in a negative way except for some really mild elements, it means your skin is sensitive. These negative reactions can be any kind of skin allergies, rash or breakouts. For such skin, it is important to use natural and mild ingredients.

6. Pigmentation and Freckles

To understand what freckles, moles or pigmentation skin concerns are, we need to realize all of these are completely different from one another. Freckles are the small tan or light brown spots which are formed by the cluster of cells containing melanin. Moles are dark brown or almost black in color. Moles are a little raised whereas freckles are laid flat on skin. Freckles can be triggered by sun or maybe by general factors, even though they aren't painful but some people desire to get rid of them. Pigmentation on the other hand is discoloration of the skin and appearance of white or light brown patches on the skin.

7. Wrinkles and Fine Lines

One of the major skin concerns ate the wrinkles; they are the lines which are deeply set in your face, lines which can be formed due to repeated facial movements or the skin losing it's elasticity and collagen, eventually sagging. These lines can also form due to aging or excessive sun exposure. Fine lines on the other hand are very mild in comparison to wrinkles and these are the first indicators of aging. To slow down this process or to get rid of it completely, it is important to have a proper skin care routine.

8. Acne and Blemishes

Acne and Blemishes skin concerns are the same things. Blemishes themselves, are a type of acne. These spots are formed when excessive oil is trapped in the skin and causes irritation. Acne can also be a result of hormonal factors and enlargement of oil glands.

9. Dark Circles

Dark circles are a dark pigmentation of skin around the eyes. There can be many reasons for this pigmentation skin concerns. Firstly, the most commonly and widely known reason is tiredness. Secondly, dehydration and lastly the deficiency of iron or vitamin B12. 

10. Double Chin and Jawline Improvement

Double chin is mostly due to accumulation of fat under the chin area. This can be a sign of weight gain or obesity but sometimes it can be because of genetics or loosening of skin due to aging.

11. Open Pores

The skin is not a flat layer of cells. It is an arrangement of cells along with some pores and glands. Which produce oil and sweat in order to keep the skin protected and hydrated. Usually these pores are microscopic, but sometimes they get enlarged enough to be visible to naked eyes. Such skin concerns usually happen with people having oily or combination skin type, as they produce excessive oil which results in enlargement. 

12. Blackheads and Whiteheads Skin Concerns

Blackheads are follicles that have a large opening than normal skin pores. These pores are then filled with sebum, keratin and dead cells. This mixture undergoes oxidation and turns black. Blackheads are usually formed on nose but can also appear all over face and body.
White heads are almost similar to blackheads, they contain same material but have smaller opening which prevents them from oxidizing thus they are left white.

Skin Solutions & Types of Products

Our products are diverse in nature. They are made to make your life easy. We have all types of products divided in such a way that you can now tackle all your skin problems in one click. We have numerous soap bars for cleansing and cleaning all types of skins. We have serums, essential oils, cleansing oils and tonics. Our range also have sheet masks, day creams, night creams, exfoliates and other types of masks for deep healing and cleaning. And you can also find wrinkle free and anti aging formulas too.

Ingredients in Our Products

Our products contain:
  • Multivitamins include Vitamin C and B12.
  • Natural fruit extracts like pomegranate, papaya, strawberries.
  • Some natural plant elements for eg. Aloe vera, tea tree and lime etc
  • Some natural plant oils and extracts like rose hip oil, chia seeds oil
  • Lactic acid, Pro-5 collagen, glutathione and squalane

A Brief Review of Catalog

We have more than 150 skin concerning products which shows how important you and your skin is for us. Our products provide you with hydration, remove fine lines along with giving you a sun protected and well moisturized skin. Our motto is to give you a repaired, healthy and glowing skin. For this we have B&soap bar which is a Korean beauty product that provides smooth skin.

IUNIK Lime moisture mild peeling gel which has skin softening elements. Missha Time revolution night repair that’s a night cream which locks in moisture in your skin while you sleep and gives you a brighter and healthier looking skin in the morning. Radha beauty vitamin C serum that helps in fading skin tanning. There are numerous other products which we guarantee won’t disappoint you.

Buy TruSkin Skincare Products Online in Pakistan from

Truskin Products & Vitamin C Serums at The Best Prices in Pakistan

TruSkin - Welcome Note

TruSkin is a brand that focuses on creating natural and most effective ingredients. Truskin skincare products are free from any kind of synthetic additives and fragrances. Their most beloved and popular product is their Naturals Vitamin C Serum 30ml. This is a plant based formula in the form of a serum which makes your skin firm; which means your skin becomes wrinkle free and can prevent formation of any new lines or wrinkles. It has Vitamin C which easily blends with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E to fight against the most visible signs of aging which includes dullness of skin, formation of fine lines, visible wrinkles and any kinds of imperfections on skin which makes our skin look unhappy.

Make You Feel Your Skin Healthier

TruSkin Skincare Products make sure your skin feels healthier than ever before. Their product is so efficient that they have recently become the most popular beauty product on Amazon. It is important to acknowledge that many people who have used their products are highly satisfied with the brand. It looks like they have mastered in producing Vitamin C products and to support this theory they have yet again produced Vitamin C Moisturizing cream. This cream also works like a sun screen. It provides massive protection to your skin and also helps in repairing it. The cream gives you a massive moisturizing effect which makes your skin look and feel like baby soft.

Providing Anti-Oxidants

TruSkin Skincare serums also acts like an anti-aging agent. Vitamin C has many unmatched benefits for our skin. It is a huge resource of providing anti-oxidants to the skin which gives the skin a natural glow. TruSkin believes in providing the best costumer experience. They believe in efficiency and loyalty towards their users. Along with good customer experience they also believe in making quality products. These products are vegan and are cruelty free. They have main focus on making your skin look and feel perfect. They also focus on keeping their brand free from any product which might harm the planet in a long run.

The Name of Quality

They believe in quality products rather than physically attractive products; hence they have very minimal packaging which makes them easy to distinguish in a sea of beauty products available in the beauty society. They have another good product which is currently gaining a lot of popularity due to the success of their Vitamin C serum. This is their tea tree clear skin serum. This is an age defying serum. It makes your skin clear by fighting against all harmful and hurtful bacterium which attacks our skin.

This serum helps in unclogging the tiny pores on our skin to give it a chance to breathe. This clogging is one reason why our skin gets acne which not only makes our skin look out of order but also gets really painful. Some acne is so stubborn that it leaves a mark on our face. These marks hide away our beauty. So to enhance our beauty it is important to get rid of acne, acne marks, dark spots, fine lines, uneven skin tone and dryness of skin.

All Natural Ingredients

TruSkin skincare products have limited themselves to natural ingredients which are proven by scientists. These ingredients are specifically selected by scientists due to their fast acting nature. They act super active in keeping skin safe as well as fresh. These products are light on skin so you won’t feel a thing after plying them. Their products won’t clog your pores neither will it feel heavy on skin. Your skin will eel super fresh and will find a way to breathe. TruSkin is a brand which believes in providing quality in an extremely cost efficient way.

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