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Reshaping Your Body, Health and Mind
CelloFIT™ is a powerful supplement that will help you to get rid of excess abdominal fat around the organs and abdomen through the combined action of scientifically proven fat-neutralizing ingredients.

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60 capsules
  • CelloFIT™ is a powerful supplement that will help you to get rid of excess visceral fat around the internal organs and abdominal cavity through the combined action of scientifically proven fat-neutralizing ingredients.

    A Health Supplement For A Better Body
    CelloFIT™ incorporates cutting edge ingredients that are natural, effective, and safe to give the best results in fat loss as well as body reshaping and improving your overall metabolic health.

    Eliminate Hormonal Obesity

    • Balances hormones-causing obesity and prevents adipose tissue (fat) from being excessive.
    • Prevents adipose tissue (fat) from storing fat and regulating hormones.

    Burn Belly, Arm, Back And Thigh Fat

    • Targets abdominal fat by activating an enzyme called AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) to trim belly fat.
    • Remove excess fats and prevent further visceral fats buildup to reveal a leaner and more defined body shape.


    Banish Visceral Fat

    • Improve digestion and break down visceral fat via BAT cold thermogenesis.
    • Enhance bile secretion in which the activation of bile acid would emulsify dietary fats turning fat-storing cells into fat-burning ones.

    Balance Blood Sugar Level

    • Improves insulin sensitivity and blood glucose level by regulating the amount of glucose that circulates in the bloodstream.
    • Promotes insulin admission into cells to lower plasma blood glucose and reduce obesity effectively.

    Improves Cognitive Function

    • Keeps brain pathways energized.
    • Increases superoxide dismutase activity in the brain.

    Alleviate Moods

    • Addresses mood disorder by recognizing and balancing the complex interactions between estrogens, serotonin and mood.
    • Promoting calm and positive moods.

    CelloFIT™ Targets Fat Loss In 8 Different Ways

  • Normal Program
    2 capsules daily, before breakfast

    Intensive Program
    4 capsules daily, 2 each, before breakfast & dinner

    • Keep away from children below 12 years old.
    • Store product in a cool dry place.
    • Do not refrigerate.

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