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Chanel De Bleu Parfum 100ml

Brand: Chanel

Chanel De Bleu Parfum 100ml

Brand: Chanel

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BLEU DE CHANEL Parfum is an accomplished composition with a pure, deep character. An intensely masculine signature that exudes self-confidence. Chanel De Blue Parfum is an aromatic, intensely woody fragrance. It opens with powerful freshness, then lingers with a precious accord of New Caledonian sandalwood that unfurls its generous, powerful notes in a dense and sophisticated trail.

Volume: 100ml


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Description: BLEU DE CHANEL Parfum is a fragrance that celebrates the freedom of being a man. It has a nice smell that lasts long and comes in a cool blue bottle. The scent gives off a strong and confident vibe.

Composition: This fragrance has a mix of fresh and woody smells. It starts with a burst of freshness and then settles into a special kind of sandalwood from New Caledonia. This sandalwood gives the fragrance a rich and deep scent that stays with you.

Inspiration: BLEU DE CHANEL is inspired by the color of a future that you can shape yourself. It's made for guys who don't like to follow rules and want to create their own path. The fragrance represents the spirit of a man always looking for something more, like an endless horizon.

Art of Perfuming: For the best smell, spray the parfum on warm parts of your skin, like your neck and wrists. This makes the fragrance stronger. BLEU DE CHANEL also has other products like shaving and body stuff, so you can keep the scent going all day long.

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