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Durex Extra Safe 3 Pieces

Brand: Durex

Durex Extra Safe 3 Pieces

Brand: Durex

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Slightly thicker than Durex's standard condoms, Durex Extra Safe are for those who want to be extra careful and reassured, all without having to compromise on comfort.

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About Durex Extra Safe:
Durex Extra Safe condoms are designed to give you the best protection during sex, so you don't have to worry about losing any of the fun. Durex Extra Safe are made from a bit thicker latex and have extra silicone lubrication, so you can relax and enjoy the sex with a piece of mind and comfort.  

What's special about Durex Extra Safe:
Made from slightly thicker natural rubber latex
Easy-on shape and teat-ended
Nominal width 56mm
Transparent with extra silicone lubrication
Reduced latex smell
Provides extra safety
Comfortable use
Discreet packaging
Dermatologically tested

Other Details:
Durex Extra Safe is offered in the following:
Variant: 3-Piece Pack
Lubricated: Yes (Extra silicone lube)
Height: 195mm
Girth: Large (Nominal width 56mm)
Feature: Thicker condom
Thickness: Thick
Latex: Transparent natural rubber latex
Teat-ended: Yes
Straight walled: Yes

How to Use:
1) Open the wrapper of Durex Extra Safe from its serrated edge. It is important to be mindful of the condom, as it may be damaged by fingernails or other sharp objects. 
2) Squeeze the teat on the outside of the condom and place it on the tip of an erect penis.
3) Roll the condom down to the base, stopping to observe if the condom slips off or is too tightly attached to the penis, as this may result in breakage. It is recommended to take the condom off shortly after ejaculation.
4) Hold the condom securely at the base of one's penis before withdrawing.
5) Discard the foil and used condom in a wastebasket or bin. DO NOT flush it down the toilet.

Use Durex Extra Safe as directed. Remember to use a condom only once.


USAGE - If used correctly, condoms can help prevent the spread of HIV (AIDS) and other STDs. If you first use a condom during oral sex, you will need to use a new one for all subsequent sexual activities. 

STOP USE - Stop using Durex if you experience any discomfort or irritation while using the condom. If your symptoms persist after using the condom, seek medical advice. Some people are hypersensitive to latex. This condom is composed of natural rubber latex which may potentially lead to an allergic reaction such as anaphylactic shock in those who are allergic to latex. Contact your doctor if you think you may be hypersensitive or allergic to latex.

For further instructions and precautions, please read the leaflet carefully present inside the pack of Durex Extra Safe.

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