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Monivita- One Shot Drink

Brand: Onecare Wellness

Monivita- One Shot Drink

Brand: Onecare Wellness

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Reawaken Your Body's Vital Defenses MONIVITA™ is a robust, nutrient-rich antioxidant tonic that is bursting with all the essential phytonutrients that our body needs to eliminate free radicals. Made from scientifically proven ingredients, MONIVITA™ supercharge our immune system, keeping it strong and ready to fight off any diseases. It fuels our body with powerful antioxidants that not only keep our body healthy but also rejuvenates youthful skin.

Volume: 50ml


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Who Should Take MONIVITA™? Those with weakened immune system, fall sick more easily and feel tired frequently. Those who deal with lots of stress at school, at work, or at home on a daily basis. Those who are pregnant or recovering from illnesses or antibiotics that require extra nutrients. Those who consume a lot of processed food and meat, but not enough fruits and vegetables. Those who are sleep-deprived, spend long hours working at their desks and need extra focus during the day. Growing children and teenagers who need a healthy physical and cognitive development. Avid gym-goers and fitness fanatics who require an energy boost and improved strength
  One shot, that’s all it takes to face the everyday challenges and work stress. The antioxidants in MONIVITA™ work extra hard to keep your skin and body healthy and youthful. Provides Skin Firming And Moisture Reduces Age Spots, Dark Spots, And Wrinkles Detoxifies Body And Eliminates Toxins   It’s so deliciously healthy even picky eaters have come to love MONIVITA™. Every shot provides endless supply of essential nutrients to boost optimal mental and physical development. Supercharge Immune System Improves Digestive Health Boosts Energy And Focus   Age is really just a number, according to medical specialists. Containing only natural ingredients, MONIVITA™ rejuvenates our body and skin to a whole new level of youthfulness. Improves Cardiovascular Health Improves Vitality And Strength Maintains Memory And Mental Functions   One Drop Wonder To Beautiful Skin Antioxidants have long been called the elixir of youth as they destroy free radicals that play a role in skin aging. Nevertheless, we’ve stepped up the game to include the emperor of fruits, Annona muricata in MONIVITA™. This rejuvenating fruit is proven to increase collagen production which promotes skin moisture and firmness. With its strong anti-aging properties, each shot reduces wrinkles, age spots, and UV spots, giving everyone that dreamy perfect skin from within.
  The Protector Of Heart And Liver MONIVITA™ contains artichoke and broccoli sprout, two super antioxidant foods that naturally cleanse the liver and lower bad cholesterol. It prevents fatty liver diseases by eliminating toxins and repairing damaged liver cells. On the other hand, It lowers bad cholesterol by activating a protective protein that prevents plaque development and inflammation in arteries.
  The Hero Of Our Immunity The immune system consists of organs, cells, tissues, and proteins. Together, they carry out bodily processes that fight off pathogens, which are viruses that cause infection or disease.

Shake well before drinking. Recommended to take 1 shot (25-50ml) daily or on alternative days.

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