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Paula's Choice

Probiotic Nutrient Moisturizer 15ml

United States

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A moisturizer made with pre, pro and postbiotics that help maintain skin’s good bacteria for a stable microbiome and a healthier, more balanced complexion.

  • Stabilizes & strengthens skin’s microbiome
  • Progressively fortifies against signs of aging
  • Maintains healthy bacteria for smooth skin
  • Smooth gel-cream texture
  • Even suitable for breakout-prone skin

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    A unique blend of pre, pro and postbiotics maintain the right bacteria to support skin's microbiome for a vibrant, healthy complexion. Prebiotics help your skin make the probiotics it needs to thrive, while probiotic ferments and postbiotics strengthen skin’s surface against sensitivity and damage.
    Skin’s complex ecosystem, known as the microbiome, is an ever-changing host of microorganisms, healthy flora and bacteria that work together to keep skin protected from environmental damage. The pre, pro and postbiotics in this moisturizer help maintain the beneficial substances skin needs to be balanced.

    Once or twice daily, apply a small amount to face and neck. For daytime, always follow with a sunscreen.


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