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Red Tea Tree Cicassoside Derma Solution Toner

South Korea

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Targeting hypersensitive and acne-prone skin, Red Tea Tree’s gently exfoliating toner comes in a mildly acidic, PHA-rich formula primed to eradicate dead skin cells while causing zero irritation. Infusions of red tea tree extract and Cicassocide™ further calm skin. Apply regularly onto cleansed face to eradicate redness and promote a brighter, more even-toned finish.

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  • A moisturizing toner for leaving you feeling refreshed, smoothening out skin texture and complexion

    - Prepares your skin for the following steps in your skincare routine
    - Soothes your skin with red tea extract & cicassocide, 30 times more effective than general tea tree
    - Exfoliates dead skin cells with sub-acidic PHA formula, leaving you with smoother, softer skin
    - Improves redness in as early as two weeks
    - Does not contain any allergic agents or irritants typically found in other tea tree skincare products
    - Safe for hypersensitive, acne-prone skin

    • After cleansing your skin, apply onto your palms or a cotton pad and gently spread an appropriate amount onto your face.
    • Pat lightly to aid in absorption.

  • In the first step of skincare, apply an appropriate amount to your hand or cotton pad and gently spread it along the skin texture and tap lightly to absorb it.

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